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LaDura — A combination of exceptional strength and environmental performance

LaDura is Siniat’s strongest wallboard. Its innovative composition, which includes a dense moisture repellent gypsum core with 8% hard wood particles, makes it ideal for severe duty applications.

The board has had significant success throughout Europe and won the Association of Interior Specialists’ Product Innovation Award five years ago. The LaDura board took first prize in the innovation category for its combination of exceptional strength and environmental performance. The judges commented that with LaDura “there’s potential for less labour and associated materials on site. We believe that the product has the potential to lead design innovation” and “make a sizeable impact in improving sustainability.”

LaDura has made a real difference in projects that require a severe duty solution. It is an exceptionally strong board and with the correct fixings, it can easily provide 50kg of pull-out resistance from just one connection: that’s enough to take the weight of one and half 42” screen.

It has been used in large scale projects across a range of sectors, including apartments, hotels and student accommodation. It is an ideal choice for use in areas of high traffic with heavy point loads for severe duty walls, such as corridor hand rails, cupboards and shelving.

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