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Resilient Acoustic Stud —
A new acoustic stud system for high rise multi-occupancy projects

An innovative thin partition system from leading drywall products manufacturer Siniat is set to help multi-residential developments increase floorspace while providing high-specification acoustic insulation.

Resilient Acoustic Stud (RAS) 90 is the newest addition to Siniat’s specialist stud range, allowing specifiers and installers to maximise saleable floorspace for both new builds and refurbishments without compromising performance.

RAS 90 is capable of exceeding Part E of Building Regulations for acoustic performance in residential buildings at a partition width of only 150mm – up to 50mm thinner than traditional partitions.  It is the first product in the RAS range to be designed specifically for use in the residential sector, as well as hotels, student accommodation and change of use projects. 

With value in every square metre of living space, RAS 90 increases net internal areas to have a demonstrable impact on development value.  Most recently, Galliard Homes’ Great Scotland Yard development – a 95,000 sq ft hotel refurbishment – gained an additional one square metre per room by switching from a traditional party wall and external corridor partition to a RAS system.

The stud’s simple design means that frame installation can be up to 50 per cent quicker than standard systems.  Unlike traditional metal studs, RAS 90 features an inbuilt visco-elastic acoustic material which prevents airborne and impact sound from passing through dividing walls, removing the need for cavities or an acoustic brace.

Lee Hamilton, product manager for Resilient Acoustic Stud at Siniat, commented: “RAS 90 is a simple but game-changing innovation for creating high-performance acoustic partitions.  Its unique design provides a minimum 45 DnTw +Ctr while only using half the amount of metal needed for a standard partition, making it thinner, lighter and faster to install than traditional equivalents. 

“In the context of the housing shortage, the design and construction sectors need to find new ways to speed up project delivery and maximise space.  RAS 90 reduces installation time while delivering the high acoustic performance required for modern homes to ensure quality of life for residents.”

Reflecting Siniat’s commitment to driving technological innovation in drywall products, RAS 90 has been developed by the business’ own acoustic engineering team at its Innovation and Technology Centre in France, which is managed by parent company Etex Building Performance.

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