Helping mitigate risk for our customers

We understand that construction specialists are often concerned about liability issues. These are some of the things we continually and actively invest in, to help reduce risk for our customers:


  • Training centre in Bristol open to all customers
  • ‘Toolbox talks’ on site, given before the installation commences
  • Range of ‘how-to’ training guides, videos and courses offered digitally
  • Bespoke training sessions offered to customers
  • Range of CPDs
  • Digital training platform to centralise resources and progress in development
  • CSR programmes centred around training
  • Graduate training programmes and continual upskill programmes available to staff


  • Early collaboration ensures effective pipeline planning to mitigate supply risks.
  • Technical support from early design, to identify risks quickly and throughout a project.
  • Expertise ‘under one roof’ across drywall, fire protection, fire stopping and steel framing. One supplier mitigates and simplifies procurement processes and facilitates ‘golden data tread’, testing and compliance.
  • Collaboration of brands enables us offer advice, guidance and proof of performance across multiple elements.
  • Technical design support to assist with all and complex detailing.
  • As with logistics, site access issues and other potential issues can be identified and mitigated early.
  • Focus on customer partnerships.

Collective responsibility

  • We have a focus on providing fully tested systems across a range of our products and brands.
  • Fully tested systems removes the risk of  inconpatability issues.
  • Tested in real-world environments at our own testing centre in France.
  • Certification reviewed and updated continuously.
  • Internal processes to ensure all information supplied and accessible is correct, comprehensive and up to date.
  • Regular voice of the customer initiatives to ensure we understand and deliver what the customer needs.
  • A suite of BIM models which include all product information
  • A focus on whole-life project mindset to ensure the golden data thread of information needed for evidence, maintenance and warranties are easily accessible and easy to understand.
  • Making complex design detailing, regulations and construction project lifecycles understandable by our customers.

Health and safety

linking to occupier risk mitigation, has always been a major challenge for the construction industry and this year we are seeing a tightening of building regulations and an increased focus on the quality of products. In addition to the measures above, we:

  • Offer a range of A1 rated, tested products.
  • Innovate around fire proofing, fire stopping, thermal and acoustic insulation, maximising floor space, reducing noise generated by tall buildings and reducing airborne issues like mould and pollution.

Quality control

  • Installer training is very important to ensure the products are installed correctly, maintaining performance and warranties (see training above).
  • Our products undertake rigorous quality control before being supplied.

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