Case Study

Sandymoor District Centre

Promat plays key role in transforming vacant site into valuable community hub

Project: Sandymoor District Centre
Brand: Promat
Client: Lane End Developments
Architect: PRP Architects
Sub contractor: Firetech UK
Distributors: SIG Insulation & Encon Insulation/Nevill Long

Project Overview

Etex’s passive fire protection brand, Promat, has provided fully-tested fire protection solutions for an exciting new mixed use district development in Sandymoor, Cheshire, which is set to transform a vacant site surrounding the Community Hall into a valuable social infrastructure for the local community.

Sandymoor District Centre is at the heart of the Sandymoor master plan, designed to improve the social infrastructure of the area, which formed as a residential neighbourhood in the 70s. The centre is a major retail, residential and commercial development and will comprise a convenience store, a further 5 retail units, a new children’s nursery and accommodation for the over 55s, including bungalows and 43 one and two bedroom apartments.

Promat’s PROMATECT®-XW fire protection board has been specified to provide a fully tested fire safety solution for the retail units, which could also be installed early on in the construction process. The board offers the ideal solution as it is quick to install and highly resistant to water, weather and mould which allows it to be left exposed for up to six months. This has provided the project with the major advantage of saving time, as the fire protection could be installed before the retail units were fully weathertight.

Design and specification:

In recent years, the fire performance of building materials has been under an unprecedented spotlight. To ensure that the project was fully compliant with the current Building Regulations, Promat worked closely with the architect from the early stages of design and specification to provide expert guidance and advice on fully tested materials.

Promat offered the architect value-led advice and recommended the use of PROMATECT®-XW an A1 non-combustible board, which offers up to 60 minutes of fire protection for structural steel. PROMATECT®-XW is real-life tested as part of a whole system to assess its interaction with other building components at limiting temperatures from 300°C to 650°C. This rigorous testing process guarantees that the product meets all legislation and fire safety requirements, which enabled the architect to feel confident that the solution offered the highest standard in fire safety.

A crucial factor when specifying the board was also its ability to be installed before the building’s external envelope was constructed. PROMATECT®-XW is a water repellent fire protection board that offers superior weather protection and can be exposed to for up to six months. This meant that onsite work could proceed ahead of the external envelope being installed, which provided a huge benefit to the project as it enabled the construction to stay within project timelines.

Promat also provided advice on the best installation method for the project, and one of the reasons it recommended PROMATECT®-XW was that it provides a frameless encasement to the steelwork columns and beams. Its board edges can be stapled together to provide a clean, boxed appearance without the need for adhesives. This is a significant advantage over other products on the market as it is quicker and easier to install, further saving on valuable project time. The frameless system also has the added benefit of minimising space and increasing ROI as it does not protrude from the external wall, resulting in more saleable floor space for the client.


Promat’s strong supply chain and expert guidance throughout the project has ensured that work could without significant delays. The company has excellent relationships with its local distributors SIG Insulations and Encon, meaning that all three companies have been able to work collaboratively to guarantee that that they can deliver the boards on time and to the correct quantities, minimising the risk of stock or supply issues.

The company’s detailed project packs with specification clauses have provided the architect, contractor and subcontractor with clear product and installation information. As Firetech has an existing relationship with Promat, and is a specialist installer of Promat products, site visits have not been necessary during the project to date. However, Promat has provided additional drawings and details to the specialist installer Firetech to assist with the installation where required.

There have been some minor unavoidable weather delays during installation due to the project commencing during the winter months. While these ‘wet trade days’ have slowed the project down slightly, PROMATECT®-XW has been able to reduce overall delays as the exceptional weather resistance qualities of the board meant that it could be installed before the external envelope was completed, despite the changeable weather.

Final Results:

Promat’s innovative fire protection board, professional approach and strong relationship with its supply chain, including the contractor and architect, have helped to meet the specification requirements of the project and enabled the build timelines to remain on track.

As Promat only offers products and systems that are fully certified, all parties were confident in the extensive fire testing carried out on PROMATECT®-XW.

In addition to the essential fire safety properties, PROMATECT®-XW has also met all the critical performance and installation requirements of the project. The product’s exceptional water, weather and mould resistance qualities mean it can be left exposed for up to six months, allowing the board to be installed before the retail units were fully watertight.

Promat’s ability to work closely with all parties has also helped to ensure the smooth running of the project. Its strong supply chain relationships enabled the two distributors to work together and ensure a continual supply of the product, despite material shortages and delivery issues elsewhere in the industry. Additionally, the company’s well-established relationships with Firetech UK and PRP Architects LLP meant that all parties were confident that they would receive prompt design, technical support and advice from Promat throughout the project duration.

Ultimately, Promat’s strong supply chain relationships and the high performance of PROMATECT®-XW have ensured that Sandymoor’s new community hub is on track to open safely, and on time, in Spring 2023.


“PROMATECT®-XW allowed us to clad the steelwork for its fire rating before the building was watertight, allowing the brickwork to commence, hence reducing the programme and helping to keep to project timelines.”

Darren Hughes, Project Manager at contractor, Lane End Developments Ltd (UK)

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