Build to Rent

A new set of challenges for designers and the construction sector

The new BTR industry sector represents a huge opportunity to boost the UK’s housing supply, but brings with it a number of key challenges. Over the last six months, we have explored some of these issues from the perspective of the investor, designer and tenant.

A new perspective


Focus has shifted from short-term financial gains to long term investment returns and delivering on customer experience, ensuring tenants are satisfied in their Build to Rent home.


Ensuring that the design meets rising tenant expectations whilst addressing lifetime cost.

Main contractors

Interest is growing in how Modern Methods of Construction can improve onsite productivity and speed up completion times.

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Improving site productivity
and speed of build

BRE research project — dry lining time and motion study

Mark Riley
Product Manager


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Industry innovation

Transforming the industry through modern methods of construction

Nicola Chapman
Head of Business and Market Intelligence


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Protecting Build to Rent
investment assets

Forecasting Whole Life Cost — an independent study currently underway

Andy Mudie
Head of Business and Market Intelligence


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Protecting Build to Rent investment assets

Nigel Morrey
Technical Director


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How can we help?

Our expertise in drywall, passive fire protection and steel framing systems has created a range of unique solutions from the building envelope to internal linings, partitions and penetrations. They have all been designed, tested and certified to respond to particular challenges in the BTR market.

Quality of Life

  • Spaces saving solutions
  • Acoustic innovations

Better builds

  • Reduced build times and waste
  • Greater certainty around timings/cost

Lower lifetime cost

  • Reduced maintenance
  • Systems backed by warranties

Peace of mind

  • Fully tested solutions
  • Support of technical experts
  • Warranties and insurance

RAS is a straightforward solution to reduce separating wall thickness without compromising on acoustic performance. It reduces the width of the partition by 50mm, freeing up additional floorspace for clients and designers who can decide whether to increase the internal floorspace of each unit, increase corridor widths or even add additional units.

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Free seminar available for architects and clients

We hold free hour-long seminars for clients and architects to gain an insight into how to maximise the potential of their Build to Rent projects by adopting the latest innovations in dry construction systems.

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In the seminar you will learn:

  • To increase net lettable areas within apartments without compromising on building performance
  • To secure earlier occupancy by making efficiency gains on site
  • How 2D pre-fabricated loadbearing panels are a practical solution for sites where full volumetric construction is not possible
  • How to ensure your investment asset is protected by fully tested, warranted systems

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