Thrubuild® Solutions
Load bearing, factory panelised systems for construction on site.

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Thrubuild®  A faster way of specifying and constructing your building, complete with peace of mind.

Thrubuild is a light gauge system frame system which is manufactured and panelised in the EOS factory to rigorous quality standards and delivered to site for assembly - accelerating construction time and reducing site waste. Depending on requirements it can also be partially boarded in our factory, further speeding up the build process.

Thrubuild® Benefits and Uses

Thrubuild® benefits

  • One Supplier
  • 30-year warranty
  • Better structural stability and reduced load
  • Faster installation
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower insurance

Specify Thrubuild® for:

  • Housing & Multi-residential
  • Education & Student Accomodation
  • Commerical, Hotels & Offices
  • Thrubuild® loadbearing light steel construction

    Combining the group's expertise and manufacturing capabilities to provide a comprehensive range of tested and certified solutions for light gauge steel frame construction.
    • Siniat Frameboard
    • EOS light steel framing
    • Siniat Weather Defence™
    Download Specification Guide
Products in Thrubuild®

Weather Defence™ sheathing board

Weather Defence™ is a market-leading, gypsum-based external sheathing board. Faced with water repellent material for superior weather protection, it’s strong, highly moisture resistant and A1 non-combustible. It's also 50% quicker to install than cement particle board, and can be left exposed on frame for up to 12 months.
Download Specification Guide
  • Dimensionally stable,
  • Double BBA certified
  • Fully A1 non-combustible,
  • No need for segregated

Siniat Frame Board
Developed for EOS

Siniat Frameboard combines high levels of strength, acoustic insulation and fire resistance.

Ideal for use in EOS Thrubuild Systems where the loadbearing frame places extra requirements on the plasterboard. Simplified specification and installation with fewer product types on site.
Download Specification Guide
  • High levels of strength, ideal for EOS Thrubuild systems
  • Acoustic insulation and fire resistance
  • Simplified installation process

EOS Light Steel Framing

The EOS light steel framing features cold-rolled galvanised light steel sections in a range of depths and gauges. C-sections are swaged, a unique way to achieve a flat surface finish.

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Download Specification Guide
  • Lightweight and custom designed
  • Dedicated in-house estimating team
  • Competitive price
  • 30 Year system guarantee

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