Our Sustainability Scorecard for 2020

Sustainability issues which were once peripheral in the construction supply chain have now become key factors for everyone in the value chain and central in the management of our business. We continually work hard to improve our environmental performance year on year.

Our Scorecard gives insights in to some of the key areas we have been focussing on and how this is having a positive influence.

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Key reporting figures

Absolute Emissions
scope 1 and scope 2

99,126 tonnes CO2

Down 9.7% on 2019

Plasterboard recycling
closed Loop

Up 13%
on 2019

CO2 emissions per tonne
scope 1 and scope 2

Down 17% on 2010

(Sector target 10%)

recycling content

gypsum 18.4%

(Sector target 10%)

CO2 emissions per tonne
scope 1 and scope 2

Down 38% on 1990

(Company target 35%)

Waste to landfill

0.003% of
total materials

(Company target 35%)

Marketing sustainability

Etex’s Andy Mudie teams up with MRA to talk about marketing sustainability in the construction industry.

“Sustainability is not just about environmental issues, sustainability policies should include many areas of the business such as health and safety, training, corporate social responsibility.

It’s a very broad area which needs to be embedded within the business”.

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